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EwOB C-level school 2021 is open!


Talent naar de Top is one of the partners of EwOB and support the EWoB’s C-Level School.

EWoB’s C-Level School is aimed at female managers who are eligible for positions of major responsibility over the next two years. The concept of EwOB C-Level school lies in understanding what today’s business world requires of women leaders. Experts from all across the industries get together to walk you through what is happening to the business world and how you can add that to your advantage wherever you lead. C-Level school will focus as well on how agile and competent leadership looks like to handle crisis better than anyone else, or how to build the most efficient board.

In the 7 webinars from February until May 2021, the EWoB C-Level school participants will meet experts, experienced corporate leaders, motivation coaches, headhunters, and, most importantly women, who strive for a more equal gender balance in decision making. The program includes lectures, case studies, workshops, and discussions that will allow the atendees to gain insight into the most pushing topics while engaging and sharing ideas with other talented women from all across Europe. EWoB will be pleased to welcome 30 senior level female business talents (Business Unit Leaders, CEO-1, CXO for local entities etc.).

The deadline for registration is January 11th.

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Talent naar de Top is aangesloten bij European Women on Boards (EWOB). EWoB (: https://europeanwomenonboards.eu/.)  is een not-for-profitorganisatie bestaande uit een uniek netwerk van grote aangesloten organisaties in Europese landen die allemaal samenwerken om hetzelfde doel te realiseren, namelijk een gebalanceerde vertegenwoordiging van vrouwen in raden van bestuur.  Hierbij worden een aantal van de programma’s  van EWOB (c-level school, digital mentoring program) ‘gecofunded’ door de Europese Unie, omdat deze programma’s bijdragen aan de doelstellingen van de EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025.

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