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Interview Cross Mentoring: Wendy Kooistra


Wendy Kooistra was one of the mentors in the Cross mentoring program 2021. At the beginning of this year, we briefly discussed the expectations with regard to the program. As the year draws to a close, we asked Wendy about her experiences with Cross mentoring. Curious? Read the interview below.

We are now a few months further, how are you doing now?

Quite fine, actually. Since 2 months it is again possible to work at our office and hopefully Sogol can meet me there so we finally see each other in real life.

We have not met during the summer but in 2 weeks we will have another appointment. Then I hope to ask Sogol how her new project is going, what it is like to work at the office again and if her future plans are developing. 

I promised Sogol to bring her into contact with some contacts in my network since that will facilitate her assessment of her own capacities. I must admit that it is still on my to do list, but I’ll get to it!

Mentor: Wendy Kooistra, directeur Ontwikkeling bij het Hoogheemraadschap

What has the Cross Mentoring program brought you so far?

As I said in our first interview it has brought me inspiration and energy. Talking about Sogol’s questions makes me also think back about my own experiences and development. I find that important as a context for my own job and ambitions; it reminds me never to stop learning and being curious.

Do you have any eye-openers about this program that you can share with us?

It is important to keep the goal of the mentorship in mind, but it is not easy since we easily get lost in conversation. There is so much information to share and topics to reflect on.

What else is on the schedule?

Meeting for talk, a walk and a coffee together. I am sure this will give us an extra boost.

Do you have any tips for the other mentors/mentees?

Make us of the last months of this year and the mentorship. Maybe ad an extra topic or question to the talks you have. Or use the time to reach the optimal quality in answering the initial goals of the mentorship. And last but not least; enjoy the exchange of ideas and experiences and learning together.

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