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Executive Search Code

The Executive Search Code (‘Code’) recognises the important role of (executive) search agencies in realising more diversity in top positions. Diversity is a strategic factor for good decision-making and the performance of companies, organisations and authorities. Agencies that sign this Code contribute thereby to the business as well as the social objective: more women in top positions.

The signatories

Berenschot, Boyden Global Executive Search, Brightheads, Brightlinck Executive Search, Boer & Croon, Chasse Executive Search, Confius Executive Search, De Vroedt en Thierry, Dicke Röell Breedveld, Ebbinge, Egon Zehnder, &Female Capital, Holtrop Ravesloot, Partners at Work, The Executive Network, Van der Laan en Company, Vanderkruijs, McDermott + Bull, Yess International Consultants, Maes & Lunau, Leaders Trust, Rieken en Oomen, Spencer Stuart, Vroom van den Heuvel, HR Touchpoints, N2Growth, Kienbaum, Amrop, Talent Performance, Page Executive, Movimento, Wesselo & Partners, 360Careers, Corporate Casting, Stanton Chase, Escalier, Odgers Berndtson, Ç&Q Executive Search, Korn Ferry, Pedersen & Partners, Russell Reynolds, Women in Sales, VOOR.

These agencies led the way

The 9 commitments for diverse talent to the top

We hereby declare that:

  • we select on so called masculine as well as feminine qualities;
  • we strive for a percentage of … women on our long and short lists;
  • we offer the necessary support to prepare candidates for interviews and the entire process;
  • we will invest time in building relationships with female candidates with executive potential;
  • we guarantee that clients do not overvalue specific masculine qualities in the evaluation of candidates;
  • we will advise clients on best practices regarding induction and onboarding processes, in order for new – different – candidates to be able to fulfil their role quickly;
  • we show that we strive to improve diversity in our top management through our marketing initiatives and our website;
  • we will actively bring the Charter Talent to the Top under the attention of our clients;
  • we will participate in the annual monitoring of our contribution to improving diversity in top positions and we will discuss the results with Talent to the Top.