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Newsletter: EWoB C-Level School Alumni about the New World


April 8th, 2020, 5pm (CET). The border crossings are closed, but the digital world is open. 15 women leaders from the 1st EWoB C-Level School alumni, from 8 European countries, connected online to share their views on today's situation in light of COVID-19. They all expressed their feelings, shared their fears and hopes, but also pointed to new opportunities emerging even in these difficult times.

Together, they wish to embrace the situation and search for new ways to manage the crisis, to prepare themselves and others for the new world after COVID-19. They admit, the difficult times will not end any soon, and we are only to see the full aftermath in the months and the years to come, including the economic losses and the inevitable influence on the entire society. On the other side, there should be many lessons learnt helping us to create a better world, in all areas of life and business and in the environment that surrounds us. 

Undoubtedly, this is the time when women should and they will use their natural talents, like multitasking, balancing well the business and people issues, building on empathy aspects, driving solidarity acts. 

The company boards will search for talents with new skills, helping companies to become even more resilient, but flexible, to prosper in the times ahead.
At EWoB, together with our member associations, we will help with the identification of these new core competencies and ensure our programs provide relevant content in this context for the female talent. 

On a business side, there is an obvious shift from an on-site to virtual working environment. Large-scale digitization has certainly taken place and COVID-19 will always be remembered as the significant trigger point. Online meetings are becoming shorter, smarter - better structured, and priorities are being set more efficiently. Online webinars or online mentoring programs are well accepted by the participants and most likely will become the new normal. 
Everybody feels pandemic will change our world, the way people, businesses, governments, etc. will think and act. Supporting each other, sharing and solidarity are not only amazingly important now, but should become part of how we act in the future, being human

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